Simple Church Net is a loosely organized network for house churches and small affinity group churches.  It is referred to as The Net due to the need of simple churches desiring community with similar churches.

Recently an NBC news ran a story concerning the House Church Movement in the U.S.  

George Barna reported in 2005 that trends for "alternative faith-based community" of which simple churches are included, would significantly increase over the next 20 years.  Many who are establishing simple churches are Christians desiring a more hands-on approach to ministry.

A couple of simple churches in Ellis County are Gathering of Friends and Mosaic. Both stories are quite different but the purpose is very similar.

Gathering of Friends is a simple church in Waxahachie that was formed from an affinity group.   Dr. Bobby Haney, a local dentist, is a part of the leadership of this church said Gathering of Friends started as an outreach to the ladies of Christian Women's Job Corps® and their families. "We have become a regular Sunday morning Bible study/church meeting each week at 9 AM at my dental office. We are seeking the leadership of the Holy Spirit as we expand into gospel ministry to our neighbors and friends".

Mosaic is a house church in Midlothian.  Kyle Mitchell is lead pastor and came out of traditional church setting to establish Mosaic