Re-Vision often goes by the name of “Church Health” or “Church Revitalization”.  We want a church to evaluate where they have been, where they are, where they are heading and where they believe God is leading them.

The health of a church is much more than “Nickels and Noses” but many times we try to use that to determine the health of a church.  “Nickels and Noses” is an easy way to measure but it only tells a small portion of a church’s story. 

How is your church’s disciple-making?  Is your structure producing disciples or church attenders?  Is your church living missionally or is it just going on mission trips? There is nothing wrong with attending church or going on mission trips but being discipled or being a disciple maker is what we are called to do.  That is hard to measure. That is why we settle for “Nickels and Noses”.

Our association desires to help our churches move pass evaluating the symptoms and move to the causes. It might mean tweaking particular ministries or it might mean helping a group to re-plant. We want to help you Re-Vision.

EBA wants to help you. Contact the EBA office for help in Re-Vision(ing).