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Who are the Lenca people?

  • 125,000 indigenous people living in the mountains of Honduras
  • Most are subsistent level farmers
  • They hold animistic [belief that nature has a soul] and Catholic beliefs
  • The Lenca people are under-reached by the gospel which means more than 2% but less than 5% are evangelized and there is very limited Baptist work to the Lenca 

Lenca Mission Trip
Gracias, Honduras

November 10 - 17, 2014

This trip will involve construction of a small guard house as well as evangelism, VBS and house church worship. Dave Kistner of First Baptist- Waxahachie will be leading a construction team to build a small guard house. 

The cost will be $1,350 per personA deposit of $750 will be needed by September 1st for purchasing of plane tickets. The deposit will be non-refundable.  Click here for a complete brochure.

If you have questions, please contact Larry Johnson at 972-937-9320 or

As soon as you determine you would like to go please let Larry know for further planning purposes.

Lenca People


EBA Goals

  • Start 340 house churches in 1,196 villages 
  • Build into the DNA that each house church is responsible to start other house churches
  • Our desire is “to teach the Lenca how to fish rather than give them fish”

EBA Strategy

  • Prayer
  • Evangelism/church planting
  •  Gospel saturation
  • Discipleship/leadership training
  • Meeting Human Need


Ministry Updates

Each month Shannon Hopkins composes a Lenca Ministry Update.  This report is sent out to interested individuals electronically and a portion is added to our monthly paper newsletter. Shannon reports on many different areas so please click on the links below to read his monthly Ministry updates!.

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Meeting Human Needs




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Projects and Other Photos




2014 - The Avenue Church
Mission Trip

The Avenue Church
Mission Trip Video