On the back page of the newsletter is an article by Enoc Alvarez. EBA provides $600 a month for Enoc to help us with Community Development among the Lenca. 

Our strategy has five components: Prayer, Church Planting/Evangelism, Gospel Saturation, Discipleship/Leadership and Meeting Human Needs.  

Prayer is our first priority. This is accomplished by keeping the prayer needs before the Association. In addition, prayer is taught to pastor and leaders. Prayer is a major part of the ministry of Radio Rio de Dios.

Church Planting/Evangelism is our second priority. Our goal is to start house churches through evangelism efforts. These efforts must ultimately be lead by the local pastors and leaders.

Gospel Saturation is the sowing the seed of the gospel broadly. Radio Rio de Dios is the primary method we use to accomplish this.

Leadership/Discipleship is using a modified T4T (Training for Trainers) process to mentor leaders to be leader of leaders.

Meeting Human Need is the final of our five strategies. Enoc is leading us to develop detailed community need reports on those villages with whom we work. The report covers the people, environment, product, market and income of the village. He will lead us in working with the community to determine the projects they will accomplish. 

As coffee is a major part of many villages, we anticipate in working on some coffee projects first. Coffee farmers will receive training on how to produce a higher grade of coffee as well as producing more coffee. We hope to help them double their income from coffee so they will be able to improve their living situation. You will hear more about this as it develops.