This class of Ellis CWJC already has made significant progress as two of the participants have accepted Jesus as their Savior. All of the participants are making progress in their Spiritual walk with the Lord. Bible study with Kathryne is the highlight of the day for the women. 

The new building is meeting the needs of the CWJC extremely well. It is so good that they have a permanent place with adequate room. New ministries such as GED classes, parenting, and boundaries could be held in the building. Please pray for God’s wisdom on how the building can be used to meet the needs of people in the name of Jesus.

The fund raiser for Ellis CWJC is October 14th at Park Meadows. Please call 972-937-6620 to make a reservation. You will hear testimonies from a former participant, a teacher and a mentor. Please plan on buying some of the silent action items as well. It will help CWJC give a woman a “hand up rather than a hand out.”