The 109th Annual Celebration was held on October 19th at Longbranch Community Baptist Church. It was a great night of being the church together. I appreciate Larry White and the Praise Team of Longbranch in the way they led us in worship. Pete Peterson, a special guest, sang We Cry Holy. The reception that Longbranch hosted following the Celebration was especially wonderful. Most of the messengers spent time talking with others while sharing coffee and cookies.

Jack Ables, Pastor at East Ridge, brought us an encouraging message. He encouraged every church to be the BEST church they can be. It doesn’t matter about dress, building or music. What is important is that we keep Jesus in the message.

I shared the organizational structure of EBA including Ellis Christian Women’s Job Corps, Ellis Christian Disaster Relief Team, Simple-Church.net, Lenca Missions, and Radio Rio de Dios. I talked about the formation of a Lenca non-profit corporation call Kingdom Life which will ultimately be responsible for the radio station and community development projects such as coffee processing. I also shared about are partners Texas Baptists World Hunger Offering, Texas Baptists Mary Hill Davis Offering, 61 Isaiah Ministries and Baptist Global Response. 

Most of my time was spent on the need to reach lower socio-economic persons through Simple Churches. These would be churches which would meet in homes, community rooms in apartments, or just about any where people can gather. Most of our churches do not reach many of these people, but they need the gospel. You will hear more about Simple-Church.Net as God guide us.