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EBA is an exciting, growing association committed to helping churches reach and disciple people for Christ in Ellis County, Texas and among the Lenca of Honduras.  We welcome you to our site. May God bless you. 

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How Can a cup of coffee impact poverty and missions?

Kingdom Growers is helping us with community development among the Lenca. Kingdom Growers has produced a proprietary report on seven villages. This report will help the community to make decisions about improving their community and will help mission teams to know what the village needs. During this process deep relationship are built which includes sharing the gospel and hopefully the starting of a church.
 From their research we know one of the major issues is a market for their coffee. The Lenca produce a high quality coffee, but the farmer gets below market rates. This keeps them in poverty. Kingdom Growers has imported their coffee and paid the farmer a premium for the coffee.
 This coffee is not like grocery store coffee. It is a mountain grown Arabica coffee. I know that last sentence probably doesn’t have any value to you, but it is what makes a better tasting coffee. Kingdom Grower’s coffee is very smooth to the taste with out the bitter after taste.
 Kingdom Growers will provide a donation for our work with the Lenca if you purchase through our logo on their web site. Go to www.kingdomgrowers.com click on “store” then click on the EBA logo and you can purchase coffee at their regular price, however we get a significant donation. All proceeds EBA receives will go towards our ministry with the Lenca. Yes, you can have a quality cup of coffee and impact poverty and missions.  Order some today and give it a try. Let us know what you think of the coffee.